Churfirsten – Toggenburg’s landmark

Eastern Switzerland

The Churfirsten are the landmark of the vacation region Toggenburg. The seven peaks stretch out amidst authentic nature that invites you to experience and enjoy.

The names of the Churfirsten peaks from west to east are Selun (2205 m, with the Wildenmannlisloch on the northern slope), Frümsel (2263 m), Brisi (2279 m), Zuestoll (2235 m), Schibenstoll (2234 m), Hinterrugg (2306 m) and Chäserrugg (2262 m).

Churfirsten - Toggenburg's landmark

Churfirsten – Toggenburg’s landmark

The seven striking peaks of the Churfirsten can be seen from afar and fascinate with their imposing presence. However, they not only offer an impressive backdrop, but also a variety of experiences.

Whether hiking, biking, splashing around, relaxing or spending time with the family – the Churfirsten mountains have something for everyone.

With seven peaks to climb, six mountain railroads for breathtaking high-altitude flights, four themed trails to hike and a variety of mountain inns and restaurants to stop off at, the Churfirsten region offers countless opportunities to discover and enjoy.

Immerse yourself in the impressive world of the Churfirsten and be inspired by the variety of activities and the beauty of nature. Explore the picturesque hiking trails, enjoy breathtaking views from the peaks, discover the stories and secrets of the region and indulge in regional specialties in the cosy mountain inns.

The Churfirsten are a paradise for nature lovers, adventurers and those seeking relaxation – a place where you can experience unforgettable moments.

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7 Summits of Churfirsten

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