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In the middle of the idyllic landscape of Yvorne, the majestic Château Maison Blanche rises like a shining jewel. Its dazzling white façade has been shining in the surrounding vineyards for more than 400 years. Today, various grape varieties such as Chasselas, Savagnin Blanc, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Gamaret, Garanoir, Diolinoir and Cabernet Franc thrive on the terraced vineyards of Château Maison Blanche, which cover a total area of 7.7 hectares.

Château Maison Blanche with rich history

The history of this magnificent estate dates back to 1573, when the brothers Antoine von Erlach and Borckhardt built the “Weisse Gut” outside Yvorne. A devastating landslide in 1584 forced many inhabitants to flee in order to escape poverty. In 1609, the Maison Blanche was rebuilt with reinforced walls and a new roof.

Château Maison Blanche / Photo Brigitte Heller

Château Maison Blanche / Photo Brigitte Heller

Around 1750, the estate was acquired by Frédéric Würstenberger, then governor of Aigle, the neighboring town. The Würstenberger family retained ownership of the estate until the end of the 18th century. A century later, the estate was given the name Château Maison Blanche after a bell tower and keep were added. In the 1930s, the Rosset and Schenk winegrowing families from Rolle acquired the château and turned it into a wine estate. In 1974, the château was damaged by an unfortunate fire, which destroyed the roofs and roof beams. It was immediately renovated and has since shone once again as the pride of the region.

For more than four centuries, Château Maison Blanche has been a symbol of the vineyards of Yvorne, not only because of its external beauty, but also because of its eventful history and magical aura.

Marry on Château Maison Blanche

At the Maison Blanche, future couples have the opportunity to officially marry in front of a registrar three Saturdays a month. This location offers the ideal setting for many guests to attend the wedding and then continue the celebration with an aperitif either indoors or in the spacious gardens with a view of the majestic Dents du Midi. This exclusive property can be rented as a whole or by floor and allows you to have your wedding dinner for 60 to 80 people prepared by a first-class chef.

Yvorne – magical wine village

The historic municipality of Yvorne stretches picturesquely northwest of Aigle along the right bank of the Rhone in the Chablais region of Vaud. The village itself may be small, but its fame shines all the brighter thanks to the exquisite wines that ripen in the sun-kissed vineyards. The gleaming white walls of Château Maison Blanche rise majestically in the middle of these vineyards, a truly imposing landmark.

Video Château Maison Blanche

Le Château Maison Blanche apparaît au coeur de la commune d’Yvorne comme un château de conte de fées! Depuis plus de 400 ans, il offre des vins d’excellence ornés de la banderole rouge “Clos, Domaines & Châteaux”, l’Association, dont le Château est membre fondateur.

Château Maison Blanche

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