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The Bürgenstock is known for its luxurious hotels and resorts as well as its historical significance as a popular retreat for celebrities and statesmen. It lies 500 meters above Lake Lucerne and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains of Rigi and Pilatus. Due to its proximity to the city of Lucerne, the Bürgenstock is also suitable for half-day excursions.

Catamaran Motorboat Bürgenstock

Catamaran Motorboat Bürgenstock

The fastest and most scenic way to the legendary Bürgenstock is by boat and train!

Catamaran MS Bürgenstock

Every day throughout the year, the Bürgenstock catamaran motorboat takes you from Lucerne to Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock every hour from early in the morning until late in the evening.

The boat travels at speeds of up to 35 kilometers per hour and covers the distance between Lucerne and Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock in 23 minutes. Hotel guests and day trippers can reach the Bürgenstock in just 30 minutes from the center of Lucerne.

The MS Bürgenstock catamaran is an exceptional vessel for Lake Lucerne. The propulsion system is based on an innovative hybrid mechanism specially developed for this application. In the Lucerne lake basin, the ship only sails in electric mode and the diesel engines remain switched off. The batteries are then recharged during the journey.

Bürgenstock funicular

Bürgenstock funicular

Bürgenstock – an oasis of adventure above Lake Lucerne

In Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock, take a seat on the nostalgic Bürgenstock funicular. The route is 930 meters long and covers a height difference of 440 meters. Operations were temporarily suspended in 2011. The funicular was completely rebuilt as part of the new resort. The appearance of the new carriages was adapted to match the historic carriages from 1888.

Once at the top, you can look out over the sea of fog or Lake Lucerne, the Rigi, the Pilatus, the Stanserhorn, the Mythen and the Titlis.

Bürgenstock Resort – a project of superlatives

The Bürgenstock Resort with views over Lake Lucerne stretches over 1 km and is a 60-hectare landmark. The highest standards of vision were set here. The Grand Hotel was built in 1873 as the first hotel on the Bürgenstock. It has always been a special place for special people: Charlie Chaplin, Kofi Annan, Sofia Loren resided at the resort, Audrey Hepbrun got married in the Bürgenstock Chapel.

Bürgenstock Hotel Palace

Bürgenstock Hotel Palace

The Bürgenstock Resort, which reopened in 2017 after 9 years of construction, now comprises four hotels, extensive wellness facilities and a range of gourmet restaurants. As one of Switzerland’s most fashionable properties, attracting visitors old and new from all over the world, Bürgenstock has once again become one of the world’s leading resorts.

Two luxury hotels, Waldhotel – Healthy Living, a Medical Wellness Center, residence suites, business infrastructure and the unparalleled 10,000 m2 Bürgenstock Alpine Spa, in the midst of a breathtaking mountain landscape. With the Infinity Edge Pool in the Alpine Spa, the boundary between sky and water seems to merge. All with spectacular views. The range of steam baths, panorama and aroma saunas, Kneipp baths, various experience showers and shower and bubble baths leaves nothing to be desired.

Rocky path with Hammetschwand lift

Rocky path with Hammetschwand lift

Europe’s highest outdoor lift

For those who like to be active, there is a golf course or tennis court, or ice skating in winter. Or take a leisurely walk in the fresh air. The Hammetschwand lift, a technical masterpiece and Europe’s highest outdoor lift, will almost take your breath away as you travel 152 meters along the steep rock faces in just under a minute. The area around the Bürgenstock Resort also offers various opportunities for mountain biking or hiking.

Bürgenstock rock path hike

The rock trail, which was built between 1900 and 1905, starts at the Bürgenstock Resort. As far as the Hammetschwand lift, this is also an educational trail on which twelve questions are asked about geography and geology, the history of tourism and technology as well as forest and nature conservation. All the information can be called up using a cell phone, and you can then read the answers again at your leisure on the website.

Hammetschwand lift view

Hammetschwand lift view

The path leads to the spectacular 152.8m high Hammetschwand lift in around 30 minutes. Built at the beginning of the last century, Europe’s highest free-standing outdoor lift in the rock face is one of the most daring tourist installations of the Belle Époque.

The hiking trail continues either by taking the Hammetschwand lift back down or by choosing the upper route directly to Känzeli. At Känzeli, the direction changes to southwest. The path leads down to Villa Honegg and from there through forest and flower meadows back to the starting point at the Bürgenstock Resort.

Video Bürgenstock Rock path

Tour Bürgenstock Rock path, Chänzeli and Honegg…

Rundgang Bürgenstock Felsenweg, Chänzeli und Honegg

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Video Bürgenstock Resort and Spa

One of the world’s finest wellness retreats…

Bürgenstock Resort and Spa - One of the world's finest wellness retreats. Lucerne, Switzerland

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