Brissago – Shore pearl on Lago Maggiore

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On the north-western coast of Maggiore Lake, Southwest directly from Ronco and Ascona and across Italian border is situated a town called Brissago. This place has the lowest altitude of any point in Switzerland, only 197 meters above sea level; it extends between steep mountainsides down to the lake. The lovely township with about two thousand citizens is intersected by small streets which are leading towards magnificent mansions surrounded by blooming lemon trees and orange gardens.

Brissago on Lago Maggiore

Brissago on Lago Maggiore

Explore the idyllic Old Town of Brissago

The oldest part of the village is in the lower area and surrounds the beautiful Renaissance church of San Pietro e Paolo, which is surrounded by majestic, centuries-old cypress trees.

One particular attraction that Brissago is known for is the Brissago Islands, which are home to an impressive botanical garden. Thanks to the mild climate, around 1500 different plant species can thrive here, including palm trees, bamboo and eucalypts. The botanical garden on the islands is a true paradise for plant lovers and offers a fascinating variety of exotic vegetation.

Sights of Brissago

The Madonna del Ponte, a Renaissance church of great art-historical importance, is located outside the center of Brissago. It is one of the most important buildings of Lombard architecture in Switzerland. The impressive building was designed by architect Giovanni Beretta and features an octagonal dome with a gallery of columns, which gives it its unmistakable appearance. Beretta was inspired by the famous architect Bramante, a co-founder of the classical architecture of the High Renaissance.

In the historic town center of Brissago, the Casa Branca is particularly eye-catching. This baroque building from the 17th century impresses with its magnificently decorated façade. Today it houses the Museo Ruggero Leoncavallo, which is dedicated to the famous composer. Ruggero Leoncavallo lived in the city at the beginning of the 20th century and the museum offers an insight into his life and work.

In the southern part of the town is the Centro Dannemann, a cigar factory that was founded in 1847. Fine cigars such as the world-renowned Virginia cigar “Brissago” were produced here. Today, the tobacco factory serves as a cultural center and hosts various events and activities.

Video Brissago, Switzerland 4K – A Wonder Swiss Town – Discovering The Most Beautiful European Towns

Brissago is a municipality in the district of Locarno in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. A wonder swiss town, lying at the lowest point in Switzerland, just 197 metres above sea level, and perched between the shores of Lake Maggiore and the steep mountains behind, Brissago is a small town on the Italian frontier. The lowest and oldest part of the village is clustered around the beautiful Renaissance church of St. Peter and Paul, surrounded by centuries-old cypresses.

In the narrow lanes leading down to the lake you will find some picturesque spots to admire: gardens where lemons, oranges and cedars grow in the open air, as well as beautiful mansions.

Brissago is famous not only for its tobacco and cigar factory, but also for its islands, which seen from above look like bright green spots in the blue of the lake. Between 1885 and 1928 Baroness Antonietta Saint-Léger, a Russian of German origin, planted a botanical garden designed as an earthly paradise, and her successor, the department store king Max Emden, continued her work. Today the neo-classical villa contains a restaurant and the administration offices of the Botanical Park of Canton Ticino. Their plants are still there, together with the Himalayan cinnamon with its scent of camphor, the Madagascar gladiolus, the bald cypress from the swamps of North America with its trunk under water, and numerous other exotic species.

Video Brissago, Switzerland 4K – A Wonder Swiss Town – Discovering The Most Beautiful European Towns

Brissago, Switzerland 4K - A Wonder Swiss Town - Discovering The Most Beautiful European Towns

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