Bosco Gurin – Mountain magic in Ticino


At an altitude of 1503 meters above sea level lies the enchanting mountain village of Bosco Gurin in a side valley of the Valle Maggia. It is the highest mountain village in Ticino and is surrounded by a breathtaking mountain landscape.

Discover Alpine Beauty: Bosco Gurin, Ticino’s Highest Village

The Wandfluhhorn rises as the highest peak in the valley, while the view sweeps across the side valley towards Maggia. The best views of this scenic beauty can be enjoyed from the Alps and peaks above the village. These can be reached on foot, by mountain bike or even by chairlift, which offers activities for snow sports enthusiasts in the Gurin ski area in summer and winter.

Bosco Gurin

Bosco Gurin

Bosco Gurin is the only German-speaking municipality in the southern canton. The village is characterized by the original Walser houses, built of wood and stone, as well as the characteristic barns that surround the village center. The village and its inhabitants are a living legacy of the alpine “Walser” population, who moved to the valley from the Valais over seven hundred years ago.

A trip to Gurin is a special experience. Shopping in the tiny supermarket or in the local bakery is just as much a part of the atmosphere as a visit to the oldest house in the village, which was built in 1386 and now houses the “Guriner Walserhaus” folklore museum. Here you can immerse yourself in the history and culture of the region and learn more about the traditional life of the Walser people.

Bosco Gurin is a place that captivates visitors with its picturesque beauty, fascinating culture and impressive alpine ambience. A visit to this mountain village promises an unforgettable experience and a journey into the past.

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Bosco Gurin is THE HIDDEN Gem Village of Switzerland…

The MOST BEAUTIFUL Swiss Village: BOSCO GURIN - Hidden Gem in Ticino Switzerland

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