Binningen Castle

Basel Region

Binningen Castle is now a castle that houses a restaurant with an adjoining hotel. The complex was originally designed as a moated castle, but the surrounding pond was filled in in 1772.

Binningen Castle is located in a beautiful little park, directly along the streetcar line to Basel. It is a rectangular building with a charming inner courtyard.

Binningen Castle

Binningen Castle

A small round tower rises up on the south-eastern corner, while the restaurant’s wonderful outdoor terrace is located on the eastern side.

The exterior façade of the castle is bright white and the windows are framed by red sandstone, giving the building a unique charm.

Interesting history behind Binningen Castle

It is believed that the castle was built in 1293 by Heinrich von Zeise, a citizen of Basel, as a moated castle. After the Basel earthquake of 1356, only the basic walls of the castle remained. In 1409, the castle burned down to ruins but was rebuilt ten years later. During the St. Jakobskrieg in 1444, it was destroyed again by the Habsburgs.

Around 1520, the Canton of Solothurn showed interest in the village and the castle. A member of the Basel City Council decided to purchase the property to prevent potential expansion by Solothurn. The castle then served as an outpost for Basel troops. It changed ownership between the Grieb and Escher vom Glas families.

In 1545, Joachim van Berchem and Johann von Brügge acquired the property from the city. Later, it was discovered that von Brügge was none other than David Joris, a leader of the Anabaptist movement who lived under a false name in Basel. In 1574, ownership of the castle passed to Nikolaus von Hatstatt, who bequeathed it to the city of Basel upon his death.

The Binningen Castle is easy to reach both by public transport and by car. It is located right next to the “Binningen” streetcar stop and also offers ample parking on site.

Visitors therefore have various options for reaching the castle and enjoying the historical atmosphere as well as the culinary delights in the restaurant.

Video of Binningen Castle

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