Bernese rösti – tasty and unique

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The preparation of Bernese rösti begins with peeling the potatoes, which are then coarsely grated on a rösti grater. The grated potatoes are carefully mixed with salt to intensify the flavor. Heat the clarified butter in a pan and add the potatoes. Use a spatula to shape the potatoes into a flat cake.

Since 2012, the Bernese rösti has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage and has been included in the list of living traditions of the canton of Bern, as announced by the industry organization of the potato industry, swisspatat.

To get a perfect Bernes Rösti, cover it with a plate the same size as the pan or a suitable lid. Ideally, the cavity between the rösti and the lid should be as small as possible to ensure even browning.

As soon as you hear the characteristic sizzling of the potatoes, reduce the heat to a minimum and leave the rösti to fry for around 20-30 minutes. During this time, the famous golden-brown crust will form, which is the hallmark of a perfect rösti.

There are many other specialties in the Bern region that reflect its rich culinary tradition. Typical dishes include the popular Bernese platter, the hearty Bernese tongue sausage, the traditional Emmental sheep stew, the tempting Bernese ankezüpfe, the tasty pot au feu, the aromatic onion soup and the sweet meringue. The list of these centuries-old regional delicacies is long and is characterized by its hearty flavours.

Video Bernese rösti delicious fried with bacon. A simple recipe from grandma

Berner Rösti lecker mit Speck gebraten. Einfaches Rezept von Oma

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