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The Bernese platter is a traditional and rich meat dish that has a firm place in Bernese cuisine. The dish consists of a variety of meats and sausages, including beef, smoked pork and beef tongue, as well as smoked pancetta, rippli, schüfeli and Bernese tongue sausage. These delicious ingredients are arranged and served on a large platter together with juniper-spiced sauerkraut, sour turnips, green and/or dried beans (dried beans) and boiled potatoes. It is important to emphasize that this is not a one-pot dish, but that the various meat ingredients and side dishes are prepared and served separately.

Bernes Platter – tasty and unique

The origins of the Bernes Platter are well documented. They date back to March 5, 1798, when the Bernese defeated the French in the Battle of Neuenegg. When they returned victorious, a festive meal was quickly organized. The community contributed the best that their supplies had to offer – above all food that could be kept or preserved due to the late winter. These ingredients were skillfully combined to create the famous Bernese platter, which has since become an integral part of the region’s culinary tradition.

The Bernese platter is not only a tasty dish, but also a symbol of the pride and community of the people of Bern. The care and dedication with which the ingredients are selected and prepared reflects the love of regional cuisine and the rich culinary heritage of the people of Bern. It is therefore not just a dish, but also an important part of the identity and history of the city of Bern and its inhabitants.

There are many other specialties in the Bern region that reflect its rich culinary tradition. Typical dishes include the popular Bernese rösti, the hearty Bernese tongue sausage, the traditional Emmental sheep’s stew, the tempting Bernese ankezüpfe, the tasty pot au feu, the aromatic onion soup and the sweet meringue. The list of these centuries-old regional delicacies is long and is characterized by its hearty flavours.

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