Beatus Caves – unique and impressive

Bernes Oberland

In the impressive St. Beatus Caves high above Lake Thun, an extraordinary cave system awaits visitors. These natural formations have developed over millions of years and offer a unique underworld in the form of a stalactite cave.

Path to Beatus Caves

Path to Beatus Caves

Visitors can explore around one kilometer of the Niederhorn massif along a well-maintained and illuminated path. They will discover stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over millions of years and immerse themselves in this unique underworld.

Beatus Caves – cave experience on Lake Thun

During the tour, visitors cross several bridges and encounter the waterfall flowing out of the cave. Around 14 kilometers of the extensive cave system have been explored so far, one kilometer of which can be explored on an independent visit. The constant annual temperature in the caves is 8 to 10 °C, so it is recommended that you wear warm clothing!

The paths through the cave passages are safe and easy to walk through thanks to modern electric lighting. Visitors can take a tour through the impressive stalactite formations and be enchanted by the unique shapes and colors in the various caves. Along the way, 25 information boards in German and English provide interesting background information on the St. Beatus Caves.

Do you know the second longest cave system in Europe? It is the Hölloch in Muotathal in the canton of Schwyz.

Video St Beatus caves walk through (Switzerland)

Welcome to the mesmerising world of St. Beatus Caves in Switzerland! Join us as we embark on a walk through through these ancient and enchanting caverns. As we explore the depths, we’ll be surrounded by breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites, witness the underground waterfalls, and marvel at the unique geological formations that have been shaped over thousands of years.
So grab your torches and get ready for an awe-inspiring adventure into the heart of this natural wonder!

St Beatus caves walk through (Switzerland)

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