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The Ballenberg Open-Air Museum, which is located near Brienz, has set itself the task of preserving the traditional architecture, culture and way of life of Switzerland’s rural population. It is home to 109 authentic historical buildings from all parts of the country. In addition to the buildings, visitors to the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum can also marvel at native farm animals, original gardens and fields.

Take yourself back to a world 100, 200 and more years ago

The museum also offers demonstrations of traditional crafts. The Ballenberg Course Center is integrated into this concept, offering opportunities for further training in various craft skills. In addition, every summer the Ballenberg Landscape Theater stages a play in a historical setting, which takes visitors back in time and offers an unforgettable experience.

Ballenberg - Farm

Ballenberg – Farm

Ballenberg open-air museum on an area of 66 hectares

In 1978, the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum in the Bernese Oberland began with 16 typical Swiss buildings and has since developed into an extensive exhibition on a 66-hectare site. Today, the museum presents over 100 residential and farm buildings from all regions of Switzerland. These well-preserved historical buildings display kitchens, chambers and living rooms, giving a vivid impression of everyday rural life in Switzerland in times gone by.

Ballenberg - Pottery

Ballenberg – Pottery

The Ballenberg only really comes to life through the original crops and cultivated plants as well as the more than 200 indigenous farm animal species that can be found on the site. Old trades are actively practiced in the workshops of the open-air museum. Every day, various crafts such as basket weaving, pottery, blacksmithing, braiding, spinning, weaving and carving are demonstrated by experts. Visitors can look over the experts’ shoulders or even try out the techniques for themselves.

In addition to the impressive buildings and craft demonstrations, Ballenberg also offers other attractions such as a petting zoo, a house with historical toys to try out, a forest trail, gardens with medicinal herbs as well as themed exhibitions and special events and courses on culture and customs. The Ballenberg Open-Air Museum thus offers a varied and informative experience for visitors of all ages.

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We take you into a world 100, 200 and more years ago…

Ballenberg – das Museum im Freien!

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