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The BärenPark Bern is a modern animal enclosure that was opened in 2009 to house brown bears in a species-appropriate environment. It replaced the old bear pit, which no longer met the requirements of species-appropriate husbandry. The park is located opposite Bern’s old town, on the banks of the River Aare. It is part of the Bern Zoo, the main part of which, the Dählhölzli, stretches along the Aare about two kilometers to the southwest.

The BärenPark and the old bear pit are among the most famous sights in Bern and are closely associated with the bear as the heraldic animal of the city and canton of Bern.

BärenPark - landmark of Bern

BärenPark – landmark of Bern

A unique bear home in the middle of the city

The Bernese bears find an exclusive home in the BärenPark with a view of Bern’s old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The “Mutzen”, as the bears are affectionately known, live in an extensive park on the slope of the River Aare.

The grounds extend over an area of around 5,000 square meters from the former bear pit down to the banks of the Aare and are barrier-free. A special inclined lift, the “BäreBähnli”, provides a fast and wheelchair-accessible connection between the banks of the Aare and the upper part of the park. This panoramic inclined lift allows visitors to float past the bears and explore the park – a unique experience!

From history to the modern BärenPark

Bears have been kept in Bern since 1513. Initially in the city itself and from 1857 in the bear pit. Since 2009, the bears have found a new home in the BärenPark. On a tour of the park, visitors have the opportunity to see both the old enclosure and the new park with its green hilly landscape, caves and the “bear bath” in the River Aare.

Guided tours are also offered, providing interesting information about the history of the BärenPark, the bears themselves and a look behind the scenes.

A visit to the BärenPark Bern is not only an impressive nature experience, but also a journey through the history of bear keeping in Bern and a contribution to the protection and welfare of brown bears.

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