Avalon Waterways Rhine River Cruise Extension Switzerland


The Rhine embodies Europe’s intricate web of history and natural grandeur, adorned with an impressive array of over 40 castles and palaces that grace its picturesque banks – a feat that no other river on the continent has achieved. Winding through charming wine villages steeped in tradition and cultural heritage, the Rhine offers a fascinating journey through the pages of time, with every twist and turn revealing a new chapter in European history.

In addition to its cultural significance, the Rhine is also an important trade route, seamlessly linking major cities such as Amsterdam, Cologne and Basel to support the region’s vibrant commerce and industry. Its strategic importance has made it a lifeline for numerous communities along its path.

What’s more, with its varied landscapes ranging from rolling vineyards to rugged gorges, the Rhine offers a breathtaking backdrop for adventurers and inspiration seekers. Whether cruising past the legendary Lorelei Rock or strolling through the medieval charm of towns like Rüdesheim, every moment on the Rhine is filled with awe and a spirit of discovery, offering unforgettable experiences to all who navigate its waters.

Avalon Waterways Cruise

Avalon Waterways Cruise

Avalon Waterways Rhine River Cruise

Avalon Waterways introduces a groundbreaking concept in river cruising. As a trailblazer in deluxe river cruises, Avalon Waterways offers the luxury of choice—a distinction found only with Avalon cruising.

Recognizing that not all river cruise passengers seek the same experiences, Avalon Waterways was among the first to acknowledge this diversity. With this in mind, Avalon presents Active & Discovery itineraries along the Rhine, providing options tailored to both active adventurers and those who prefer a more leisurely exploration.

Avalon’s excursions encompass a range of activities, including kayaking on the Rhine, embarking on an e-bike tour through the Black Forest, and hiking up the Philosophers’ Way trail above Heidelberg—an iconic route that inspired German poets and writers. For fitness enthusiasts, Avalon offers the Avalon Fresh menu, featuring nutritious meals and vegetarian options to support an active lifestyle.

Video Avalon Waterways River Cruise Ship Tour

A full video tour in 4K of the Avalon Panaroma, a beautiful river cruise ship by Avalon Waterways. A unique Suite Ship, the Avalon Panorama features unmatched cabin views as the first of its kind in the industry with two full decks of suites featuring a Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Window.

Exciting onboard amenities include complimentary computer use in public areas and Wi-Fi access, a well-stocked library, a Fitness Center, and a spacious Sky Deck with premium lounge chairs, shade system, whirlpool, and delightful Sky Bistro. There’s no better way to take in the view than cruising in Europe in the spacious comfort of the Avalon Panorama.

Avalon Waterways River Cruise Ship Tour

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Rhine River Cruise extension in Switzerland

Enhance your Rhine River cruise with an unforgettable journey through Switzerland’s stunning landscapes and historic cities. Switzerland, renowned as one of Europe’s most captivating and secure destinations, beckons with its breathtaking lakes, towering mountains, and a rich tapestry of ancient cities dating back to Roman times.

For those who enjoy outdoor adventures, Switzerland’s renowned status as a hiking paradise offers an extensive network of trails and breathtaking vistas. To fully immerse yourself in Switzerland’s beauty, consider embarking on iconic train journeys such as the Glacier Express, which showcases some of the world’s most scenic routes. Alternatively, unwind amidst the tranquility of Switzerland’s picturesque lakes by indulging in leisurely cruises aboard charming lake steamers.

Enhance your typical 7-day Rhine River cruise, departing from either Amsterdam or Basel, with an unforgettable Swiss escapade.

Switzerland Highlights, a reputable local provider of private luxury tours, invites you to enhance your Rhine River cruise experience with captivating extensions across Switzerland. If your journey concludes in Basel, our team will arrange private transportation and expert guidance for an immersive exploration of the city’s historic Old Town, museums, and art galleries. Alternatively, opt for direct transport to Zurich, the starting point of our luxury tours. Conversely, if your Rhine River adventure begins in Basel, rest assured that we’ll ensure a seamless transfer from Zurich to Basel at the conclusion of your luxury tour.

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of luxury and discovery as you combine the romance of the Rhine with the splendor of Switzerland, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

For further information about Rhine River Cruise extension in Switzerland please visit: Combine Rhine River Cruise Experience with Luxury Tour through Switzerland