Arlesheim Cathedral

Basel Region

The famous Arlesheim Cathedral was consecrated in 1681. Church services and other religious events are held here regularly. When visiting the cathedral, you can not only admire the beautiful architecture, but also listen to the wonderful sounds of the last Silbermann organ in Switzerland that can still be played. There are also regular concerts and guided tours in the cathedral, which take visitors into the fascinating world of music and the history of the cathedral.

Silbermann organ Arlesheim Cathedral

Silbermann organ Arlesheim Cathedral

A Silbermann organ is an organ that was built by members of the Silbermann family in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Silbermanns were a famous family of organ builders who were mainly active in Germany and are known for their high-quality instruments with an outstanding sound.

The Silbermann organs are characterized by their excellent craftsmanship, precise intonation and warm, full sound. They were often installed in churches, concert halls and important buildings and were prized for their technical perfection and tonal beauty.

The organs of the Silbermann family are considered masterpieces of Baroque organ building. Johann Andreas Silbermann and Gottfried Silbermann are two of the family’s best-known organ builders and created numerous instruments that are still preserved today and in many cases have been carefully restored.

Arlesheim Cathedral interior

Arlesheim Cathedral interior

The cathedral is located in the heart of Arlesheim and can be seen from afar. In front of the church is the lively cathedral square, which is surrounded by stores, restaurants and administrative buildings. The “Arlesheim Dom” bus stop is right next door, making the cathedral easily accessible by public transport. Parking spaces are also available nearby, so you can also easily reach the cathedral by car.

The Arlesheim Cathedral is not only an important religious landmark, but also a lively place of exchange and encounter. It invites visitors to experience the spiritual atmosphere, admire the beauty of the architecture and discover the cultural diversity of the surrounding stores and restaurants.

Video Baselland Tourism – Cathedral in Arlesheim

The baroque Arlesheim Cathedral is a former prince-bishop’s monastery and boasts impressive architecture and the famous Silbermann organ. It is the only cathedral in Basel Region and the landmark of Arlesheim.

Baselland Tourismus - Dom in Arlesheim

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Arlesheim BL, Dom, Vollgeläute

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