5 Top Highlights from Basel Country

Basel Region

Baselland offers visitors not only an enchanting landscape, but also a wealth of cultural and historical attractions. This region combines the beauty of nature with an impressive cultural heritage and offers guests a unique opportunity to discover both the culinary delights and the rich history and culture of the area.

Basel Country

Basel Country

Baselland’s picturesque landscape is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and exploring. From rolling hills and lush forests to picturesque rivers and lakes, the region offers a variety of natural beauty.

In addition, Basel Country is home to a wealth of cultural and historical treasures. Historic castles, palaces and charming villages are waiting to be explored. Visitors can immerse themselves in history by visiting impressive historical sites such as Augusta Raurica, the largest open-air archaeological museum in north-western Switzerland.

1. Augusta Raurica – a journey back in time to Roman times

Augusta Raurica: The theater in summer - Photo Susanne Schenker

Augusta Raurica: The theater in summer – Photo Susanne Schenker

Augusta Raurica, named after the Celtic tribe of the Raurics and the Roman emperor Augustus, was home to up to 20,000 inhabitants in its heyday. The city was characterized by workshops, trading houses, taverns, temples and public baths, which were located close to each other.

Due to the fact that no new town was built in this region in the Middle Ages or in modern times, Augusta Raurica is exceptionally well preserved. The museum displays numerous archaeological finds, including the largest silver treasure from late antiquity.

The Roman domestic animal park presents ancient animal breeds, while the remains of the town offer insights into the everyday life of people at the time of Christ’s birth.

2. Goetheanum



The Goetheanum in Dornach, about 10 kilometers south of Basel, is home to the globally active School of Spiritual Science and the Anthroposophical Society. The School of Spiritual Science consists of eleven sections that are active in research, development, teaching and the practical implementation of their findings and are supported by the Anthroposophical Society.

The Goetheanum is a venue for a wide range of events, including lectures, specialist colloquia, major international congresses and performances by the school’s own ensembles and guest performances in the fields of eurythmy, drama, puppetry and music.

3. Arlesheim Cathedral

The famous Arlesheim Cathedral was consecrated in 1681. Church services and other religious events are held here regularly.

Arlesheim Cathedral

Arlesheim Cathedral

When you visit the cathedral, you can not only admire the beautiful architecture, but also listen to the wonderful sounds of the last Silbermann organ in Switzerland that can still be played. There are also regular concerts and guided tours in the cathedral, which take visitors into the fascinating world of music and the history of the cathedral.

A Silbermann organ is an organ that was built by members of the Silbermann family in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Silbermanns were a famous family of organ builders who were mainly active in Germany and are known for their high-quality instruments with an outstanding sound.

The Silbermann organs are characterized by their excellent craftsmanship, precise intonation and warm, full sound. They were often installed in churches, concert halls and important buildings and were prized for their technical perfection and tonal beauty.

4. Wildenstein Castle

Wildenstein Castle

Wildenstein Castle

The Wildenstein Castle, next to the castle complex in the municipality of Burg im Leimental, is the only preserved hilltop castle in the Basel region that was inhabited until recently. It is located south of Bubendorf in a picturesque side valley of the Hintere Frenke. The castle is about an hour’s walk from Bubendorf railroad station.

Wildenstein Castle has been owned by the Canton of Basel-Landschaft since 1994. The area surrounding the castle, including the nature reserve with its impressive, centuries-old oak trees, is a popular destination for excursions and invites you to take relaxing walks.

Wildenstein Castle and the adjacent Wildenstein nature reserve cover an area of 112 hectares and are impressive relics of a medieval cultural landscape, some elements of which are still visible today. Particularly noteworthy are the gnarled oaks of the Witwald, some of which are half a millennium old. The various gardens in the vicinity of the castle also exude the charm of past centuries.

5. Bottmingen Castle

Bottmingen Castle

Bottmingen Castle

The Bottmingen Castle is a historic moated castle located in the municipality of Bottmingen, south of Basel in Switzerland. It is one of the few well-preserved moated castles in the country. The castle was first mentioned in 1363 and belonged to the chamberlains, a noble family in the service of the bishop, who are believed to be the presumed builders.

The castle dates back to the 14th century and is surrounded by water and a picturesque park. It has been tastefully renovated in recent years and now offers a unique atmosphere. It has stylish and luxurious banquet rooms that can accommodate up to 145 people. These rooms are ideal for various events such as business events, fabulous weddings and other festivities.

The Restaurant Schloss Bottmingen serves seasonal gourmet cuisine prepared by chef Gilles Brunin and patissier Alain Schmidlin. The restaurant has been awarded 15 points by the renowned Gault-Millau. On warm days, you also have the opportunity to indulge yourself on the cozy terrace.

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Video Basel Country from the air

On behalf of Baselland Tourism, a film helicopter circled over the Basel region for a day on August 21, 2013. The company “A day in Baselland” features 15 minutes of successful footage of castles and palaces, the most beautiful landscapes and sights, as well as many of Basel’s municipalities.

Baselland aus der Luft

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