5-lakes trail on the Matterhorn – a hike of superlatives


The 5-Lakes Trail on the Matterhorn is a popular classic and one of the most popular hiking routes in Switzerland. The tour, officially known as the “5-Lakes Trail”, leads past a total of 5 mountain lakes over a distance of 9 kilometers, always with the majestic Matterhorn in view. With an elevation gain of only 241 meters and a duration of 2.5 hours, the hike is a very scenic route that is also suitable for inexperienced hikers and children.

5-Lakes Trail on the Matterhorn – a hike of superlatives

The 5-Lakes Trail on the Matterhorn is the hiking trail of superlatives in the Zermatt mountains: the Matterhorn is reflected in three of these mountain lakes. The view of the many mountain giants is unique and the hiking route is extremely varied. Mountain railroads take hikers up to the Blauherd mountain station at 2500 meters. From there, the hiking trail leads to Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee and Leisee.

All five mountain lakes have their own shape, color and character. The Leisee is all about swimming and fun for the children. At Grünsee, the landscape shows its barren side, where Swiss stone pines hold their ground despite the scree and sand. And rare flowers grow on Lake Grindji.

The tour has no significant ascents or descents and impresses with a phenomenal mountain panorama and good opportunities to stop for refreshments.

From Blauherd to Stellisee

From the Blauherd mountain station, a comfortable and relatively wide path leads down to Lake Stelli, which is reached after about an hour’s hike. The lake is known for its two striking rocks in the water and the reflections of the Matterhorn, which provide a popular photo motif. But even the view on the way to Stellisee is breathtaking: in addition to the Matterhorn, there is also an impressive view of the surrounding 4000-metre peaks and majestic glaciers.

From Lake Stelli to Lake Grindji

After a short and gentle descent from Stellisee, you reach Grindjisee. Within a few hundred meters, the landscape changes completely from predominantly alpine, with lots of rock, scree, marmots and views of 4000 m peaks, to almost high moor-like terrain.

From Lake Grindji to Lake Grünsee

From Lake Grindji, you pass through former glacial landscapes to Lake Grünsee, where you can swim. The lake often glows a lush green, which is where its name comes from.



From the Grünsee to the Moosjisee

The hiking trail from Grünsee to Mosjisee leads through a picturesque landscape characterized by gnarled Swiss stone pines and larches. These give the surroundings a mystical appearance and the air is filled with a wonderfully spicy fragrance. After a short descent over a wooden bridge, you reach a bubbling mountain stream and finally the milky Mosji Lake. This is used as a reservoir for glacier water and is characterized by its milky blue color.

From the Moosjisee to the Leisee

The route now continues uphill towards “Findeln”, a small hamlet known to many as the gastronomic hotspot of the Zermatt mountains. From here, the route continues with a steep final spurt to the Leisee, which is the end of the 5 Lakes Hike.

The Leisee is a popular place for young and old and is located on the Sunnegga sun terrace. In addition to the 5-Lakes Trail, other family-friendly hikes start and end here, such as the Marmot Trail, where you can meet cute marmots, or the Flower Trail, which also leads along the lake. Families who like action can jump into the lake, followed by an exciting ride down into the valley on kick bikes and off-road scooters.

Conclusion: The 5-Lakes Trail on the Matterhorn has the best views of the Matterhorn and is a great hike for families.

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5-Lakes Trail on the Matterhorn – hiking trail of superlatives in Zermatt…

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